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General Sections
Body Casting
Plaster Moulds
Assembling The Suit
Detailing The Costume


General Sections

Materials and Supplies Needed
Basic Tool Instructions
Photo Gallery
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Body Casting

Greasing Up the Model
Wetting Plaster Bandages
Plaster Bandaging the Back
Front Half Plastering
Releasing the Cast/Model
Fiberglassing the Bodycast
Separating the Fiberglass/Plaster
Connecting the Two Halves
Tweaking the Fiberglass Mold
The Finished Product


Sculpting The Armor
The Calfs
The Thighs
The Knees
The Groin Area
The Abdomen
The Chest
The Shoulders
The Biceps
The Forearms
The Upperback
The Lowerback
The Buttocks
The Helmet

Plaster Moulds

Casting Plaster Moulds
Actually Doing It!

Vacuumtable Creation

Building a Vacuumform Table
The Vacuum Table
The Holding Frame


Preparing Your Work Area
Heating The Plastic
Vacuuming The Heated Plastic
Releasing The Plastic

Assembling The Armor

Rivets and Buttons
The Sub-belt
The Thighs
The Lower Calves
Connecting the Lower Back to the Abdomen
The Utility Belt
The Chest
The Forearms
The Gloves
The Helmet

Detailing The Costume

The Helmet
General Details