The Calfs


First lets look at the Calves and study them before we try to sculpt. Always know what you are going to sculpt before you actually sculpt it out. Notice the calfs are in the shape of the Natural Body curves. Try to over emphasis the calf muscle. Notice that the LUCAS trooper has a FLAT ridge in the back of the KNEE joint. You can opt for a rounded one if you want. I suggest cutting the GAP out much larger for usablilty. The LUCAS troopers could not walk stairs easily. I have a gap of 15 cm. (6 inches) on my troopers and they are almost bearable to walk stairs in. I still have to be careful though.

Heres some reference shots of the front of the calves. Flair the bottom of the calf so that the plastic will not bite into the wearers ankle. Look at the side shot on the bottom of these picts. Notice the calf muscle curve. This makes the calf look the way it does. Also.. don't forget the Verticle ridge on the front and back. But then look AGAIN and you will see that it is also running along the top of the Calf also... Betcha didn't see that on the VIDEO tape in the VCR, eh? (grin)
Now lets lay some clay down onto our BODY CAST. Just buid the armor into the basic shape of the calf.
Just buid up the calf muscle till it is the appropriate shape.