The Groin


The groin area starts around the navel level and goes down 25 cm (10 inches) that should be about 5 cm (2 inches) past the wearers assumed gonads.

The groin is a separate armor plate, hinged to the abdomen plate behind the Utility belt.

Notice that the groin tucks under the WEARER. Tuck it under about 1 inch. You may need to adjust it though. You don't want the groin digging into the wearer! The groin will be connected to the BUTTOCKS by an elastic strap on the underside. This strap will keep the groin armor from FLOPPING around.
The groin plate curves around the body so do not sculpt it out flat. This curved form should match the curve of the bootom of the abdomen armor.
Make sure the raised surfaces of the groin plate are no more than .5 cm (1/8 inch) tall.
stormt_groinridge The flat top of the raised cup area is approximately 7 cm across.