The Abdomen

Place a 1 cm. (1/2 inch) layer of clay down on the bodycast as a basis for the abdomen armor. The abdomen is one of the more easier pieces to sculpt for the costume.
stormt_envircontorwdth I estimate the raised surafaces to be to be about .5 cm thick. The raised verticle box detail in the abdomen looks to be about 5.5 cm wide and 9 cm tall. Image courtesy of the "Magic of the Myth Measurements" section.

- In the raised box, there are usually a row of 4 vertical circles and a single circle.
- To the right of the box is another raised area with a row of 4 vertical circles.
- Sandtroopers have have no circle details in the abdomen.

There are differences in circle placement between the movie suits though. The ANH and ESB costumes had the "single circle" in the upper right of the raised box, while the ROTJ circle was in the lower left. We assume these differences were due to "the box detail" being positioned upside down on the mold during the ROTJ armor vacuumforming.

I used pennies for my circular detail. Notice how the BLACK circles are INDENTED inside the white raised cyclinders on this mannequin, they are not like this in the movie used suits (see image above for photo of a movie suit).