The Utility Belt, Side Pouches And Back Canninster


The UTILITY BELT has boxes on it. They are about 2.5 cm (1.125 inches) wide , 7 cm (3.0 inches) tall and 2 cm (1 inch) deep.

I suggest you pull the mold in TWO halves and riveting them together. It's alot easier than trying to pull ONE master mold.

The UTILITY BELT is a curved piece with boxes on it so it tends to LOCK DOWN to the mold when vacuumformed. That is why I have made my belt molds like I made my RIGHT kneecap molds... with removable boxes! I suggest making one large curved surface to vacuumform on rather than the THREE individual ones I have. The plastic tends to distort a bit whith the varying surface heights. I hope to make new base molds myself in the future. I have the pictures here just to show you HOW TO pull the UTILITY BELT with REMOVABLE boxes.



The SIDE POUCHES are about 6 cm wide (3 inches), 10 cm tall (5 inches) and 1.5 cm deep (3/4 inches).

I recommend making these molds out of wood, sanding the wood grain smooth with 200 grit sandpaper.



The BACK CANNISTER, a.k.a. Oxygen Cannister, a.k.a. Thermal Detonator, is a cool item. I made mine out of a mailing tube and riveting it to a plate that I could CLIP onto the BELT.

Here are picts of the mannequin trooper cannister. Notice the detail in the RIDGES. I like the way the endcaps recess into themselves. NICE TOUCH! Be creative with this piece of the costume. I recommend making your mold parts out of PVC pipe and metal bits, this way they will hold up under the vacuumforming temperatures.
stormt_thrmldetsde The cannister is 7 cm (3 inches) in diameter and 17.5 cm (7.5 inches) long.
Image courtesy of the "Magic of the Myth Measurements" section.