The Chest


This is where you use alot of clay. The pectoral area of the chest comes off the MODEL abut 12 -15 cm ( 5 -6 inches). The distance from the NECK LINE to the NIPPLE is about 15 cm. (6 inches) down. The BEVELS that make the NIPPLES are about 8 cm. across. The entire height from the neck to the bottom of the chest is about 28 cm (11 inches). It should be longer for TALL people. I stand 5 ft. 10 inches. Judge from that.

Notice that the LUCAS molds are not as smooth as he would like us to believe. Look at the WAVING going on in the underside of the PECTORALS. Do not beat yourself up too much if you cannot get the molds as smooth as glass. I had to reengineer my own molds three times before I got them to where they are today. And they are only about 90% as smooth as LUCAS's. People don't care too much either. I get more compliments than NITPICKING when I show the armor off.
stormt_pectoralridge Laser Pointer measurements taken off a real movie used suit.

Here's a panning shot of the chest area to give you an idea how deep the bevels are.

Here's some side shots. Notice how the chest only comes around the sides about 3/4 of the way. There is a gap between the upperback and the chest. Notice how close the Chest is to the Belt when it wraps around. It actually DIPS down as it comes around. This DIPPING causes an illusion to the viewer that the suit is more contoured than it really is.

Also notice that the chest and back DO NOT match up in height the back is a little shorter than the chest. I think they made teh chest shorter for functionality of the wearer. Any longer, and the actors would be constrained in their bending down duties!
Sculpt the neck out about 2 cm. (1 inch) wider than each side of the neck. Maybe less. The suit is designed so you will no be able to stick your head up through the neck area with out unsnapping the shoulder straps.
Make sure you sculpt the chest wide... not narrow. Too small of a chest results in a deformmed american football player look.

Even if you sculpt it too wide.. you can always cut the plastic later on. Too much is better than not enough, I always say.