General Detailing

Image Let's put some foam on the insides of the thighs and calves where needed.
Image First size up the piece of armor to the leg and figure out where you need to put the foam. Once you figure that out, place the foam inside the plastic.
Image Rip off a strip of duct tape or use double sided tape to set the foam in the leg.
Image Tape down the foam.
Image Now tape down the other side of the foam.
Image Here are the results. You may need more than one piece of foam in any given leg piece.
Image Now let's place some foam inside the forearm if needed.
Image Just tape it down like you did on the thigh and calf.
Image This is the abdomen. Notice how it needs some accents to help make it "pop".
Image Take a strip of black electrical tape or black duct tape to place over the circular areaas.
Image Press the tape down onto the ridges. Notice how shiny it is!
Image Now cut out the circular holes in the tape that correspond to the circular ridges.
Image Here are two finished circles.
Image Here's me pulling up the tape.
Image And here is the final product! Now go and be one with the force. Oh, wait! We're stormtroopers! We don't use the force! Just shoot blindly at something with your blaster!