The Knees


The RIGHT KNEE is basically a strip of boxes that go around the kneecap. It covers the Black gap between the thighs and calfs.

The boxes that make up the right knee cap are approximately 2.5cm. wide, 5 cm. tall, and 2.5 cm. deep. The space between the boxes is about 1.75 cm.

Because of the rounded, boxy nature of the right knee you cannot just sculpt it out. The best technique found is to create a half-cylinder base and attach removable BOXES to it.
This will allow you to easily remove the plastic from the cast during the Vacuumforming process.
The boxes are held in place by nails tapped into the back of the boxes which ares then set into "positioning holes" that are drilled into the half-cylinder base.
This configuration will allow for the plastic to release from the cast.

Left Knee

The left knee is more simple... just sculpt this in clay, or fabricate a master mold from sheet plastic. The knee needs to angle out from the thigh.

Notice that the left knee is part of the calf. It is INSET into the top of the calf.

The top edge of the kneecap is 5 cm wide.

The protruding knobs lining the bottom of the kneecap look to be 1 cm square, and spaced 1 cm apart.
Make sure you angle the top of the knee cap so it does not get caught under the thigh armor while walking.