Other Characters in the Movie

MAMA (Madeline Madrigal)

MaMa is the leader of the MaMa Clan which controls the Peachtrees Block building. She wears a Dark Burgundy Tanktop over a Black tanktop, Black Leggings, Black Beatle boots. She only wears her Heartbeat Wrist Monitor in times of crisis. Her torture device of choice is the Cold Steel Double Agent I knife.
Double-Facial Scar on right cheek. Multiple tatoos (see images). No finger rings.
Height: 1.68 meters tall, Eyes: green, Hair: black.


Kay was the perp who Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson dragged around Peachtrees throughout the movie. Kay wears a dark grey, fleece-lined, synthetic outer shell, reversible hoodie (the outer shell is not leather), baggy blue jeans, black sneakers, and a yellow Reebok tanktop with glossy yellow star emblems across the chest. Silver chain-link necklace and a single brass/gold ring adorns each hand. Kay sports a true "goatee" beard style and shaves his head bald.


Caleb is MaMa's right hand man. He wears a black, baggy leather jacket (with empalets on shoulders), black denim jeans, and black T-shirt. He sports a "Van Dyke" beard and wears his hair military short.


MaMa's Techie was the pale computer hacker geek who was tortured and dominated throughout the movie by MaMa. He wears a Yellow short sleeve shirt with long, dirty, white sleeves stitched to it, and a dingy white collar. Pants are knee length olive drab green, canvas shorts. Shoes are brown canvas sneakers with a black sole. Eye wear = custom "blue mechanical-iris" contact lenses.

T.J. (Peachtrees Paramedic)

The Peachtrees Paramedic "TJ" costume sets the standard for Paramedics in MegaCity One. He wears a fading Green Jumpsuit with reflective panels on the arm and leg cuffs, multicolor circular paramedic embroidered patch on the right sleeve , and a green-and-black embroidered patch on the left sleeve. His Blue Vest has 3 large pockets on the front, a green MEDIC epualet on the right shoulder, black bias tape around the entire vest, and the bottom two pockets, and the collar bone areas, have horizontal reflective strips sewn on. Boots look to be standard black work boots. TJ dons a white utility belt with 2 white pouches at all times. He occasionally carries a metal clipboard and a large black duffle bag. Duffle bag has a white and black checkerboard shoulder strap.

We recently acquired a screen-used Paramedic Costume and subsequently we have compiled more information here....


Chief Justice wears a navy blue jacket and pants set. The jacket has a pop-up collar with a brass eagle wings pin on each corner, and a 5-point star zipper pulltab. She has gold epualets on each shoulder. Each epualet has the 3 Long Bars and 3 Short bars design used in a number of MegaCity One epualets. Each short bars has a single raised, 5-point star on top of it. The Chief has a 1.5 inch black leather belt with the standard Hall of justice belt buckle, just like the Judge Costumes have. She wears black beetle-style boots.

Hall of Justice Operator/Cadet

Judges need someone to facilitate the paperwork and organize all the crimes reported in MegaCity one. This job goes to the Hall of Justice Operator. They wear matching Navy Blue Jackets and Pants. The material looks to be a cotton or garbadine. They all wear a custom made headset ear piece. They have gold epualets on their right shoulder which has three long bars -or- two long bars and the word "CIVIC" between them. Some Operators have a patch an each jacket sleeve with the hall of justice eagle symbol and the words "ADMIN MEGACITY ONE" or "CONTROL MEGACITY ONE" on it.

Hall of Justice Security Guard

There are a number of Black oncho wearing security guards standing around the Halls of justice. They don a helmet that is exactly like a Judges helmet, but it has a different emblem on the front. Thanks to an image floating around the internet, we can see that they sport the same gloves as teh Judges. The weapon they carry is a Vektor CR-21.


"The Judged" Gang seems like a popular character amongst cosplayers. We think mainly because it's easier to do than a Judge costume, but still has lineage. They basically have bald heads, painted black and red to simulate a Judges helmet, and they wear a Black and Red leather jacket. The pants and boots are "most likely" black leather too.