Duty Belt

Robb Allsopp, Key Principal Costumer for the Dredd movie, speaking at a discussion panel at the 2013 DragonCon Convention, stated that it was a personal goal of the costume department to "create" as much of the Judge Costume as they could from scratch (i.e. not buying found items off retail store shelves). He said the crew was very keen on making the Cosplay/Costuming community "work" for their replica Judge Costumes. This philosophy is extremely evident with the Duty Belt. All the pouches are hand crafted. All the zip-tie handcuffs are hand-made. The Flashbang spheres are hand-built. The Breach Mines and Gas Grenades were custom milled. Only the Boker Knife and the items INSIDE the Medi-pouch are store bought items. Everything else was custom-made for the production.

Note: The Duty Belt attaches to the costume via leather belt loops that are on the bottom of the Vest. It does not attach to the Leather Pants.

Hall of Justice Belt Buckle and Belt

  • 4.20 inches wide
  • 2.70 inches tall
  • .23/.30 inches deep (thinnest/thickest)
  • Cold cast resin mixed with brass powder(distressed and weathered)

Leather Belt: From the research notes of prop-collector Jared Butler... "The production belt was about 1 5/8" wide. So 1.5" wide works okay, as does 1.75". 2" wide is too big."

Breach Mine

  • Green in color (Pantone color 7743)
  • 2.0 inches in diameter
  • 0.95 inches in height
  • 8 indention holes are drill into the side wall - each is .25 inches in diameter
  • Leather Breach Mine pouch
    (Green [Pantone color 355 or 356] with a weathered brass button snap)
  • Breach Mine Blueprint...

Lawgiver (Glock) Magazines

  • (0-4) Black Magazines (17 Round capacity mag for the Glock 17)
  • 2 Double-Mag Pouches (made from black Kydex® plastic)
    the holders look green in this photo because of a green light used in the photo shoot.

Plasti-Cuff Zip ties

  • Flat Black Casing. Gloss Black Zip-ties.
  • Black Leather Holder Strap w/ 2 button snaps

Blueprint of Plasti-cuffs

Flash Bang

  • 2 Flash Bangs in one holder
  • 1.75 inches in diameter
  • Green sphere (Pantone color 7743) with red rectangular light
  • Leather Flashbang Holder is Green in color(Pantone color 355 or 356)

Flash Bang Spheres - on a budget

In a pinch... you can use Styrofoam or Wooden Balls purchased from a local arts and crafts store for your Dredd Flash Bangs.... Kelly Sunderland took a couple extra couple steps making his Flash Bangs when he cut his balls in half with a scroll saw, added a sheet of round plexiglass to the middle, and then sanded, painted, and buffed the spheres to a high shine.

Med Kit (pouch)

  • 5.0 inches tall
  • 4.0 inches wide
  • 1.5 inches deep
  • Green(Pantone color 355 or 356)

Med Kit Accesories

  • Suture Stapler (Black/metal)
  • OneTouch Lancing Device (Gloss Green Paint [Pantone color 355 or 356] with Black nozzle)
  • Foam injector (black - model ?84103)
  • Scissors (Chipped black paint showing red paint underneath)
  • Morphine x2 (translucent vials)

Boker Knife

Boker Plus - Armed Forces Folder II. (Tanto blade)
Dark O.D. Green
The belt clip was moved to the opposite side, most likely to hide the Boker logo. (Thanks to Jimmy Burns for identifying the knife)
Store Bought item!!!! Make sure you buy the "TANTO" blade, not the "Spear Point" blade.

In promo photos and close ups in the movie, it looks like the knife is painted a light Olive Drab Green, but it is not, it is a dark OD green, it is the bright lights that make the color look lighter than it really is.

Be very careful if you buy the Boker II from Amazon. A few fans have posted in discussions that there are dealers that label the I as a II and sell it incorrectly. You want the 9+ inch II version, not the 6 inch I version.
Image of the Perp, Kay, holding Anderson's open Boker Knife.

Lawgiver Holster

  • Thermaformed black plastic
  • thin black Leather outer cover optional
  • (3) 1-inch Cobra Buckles
  • 1-inch webbing

Image of bottom of Holster

Bottom of the Holster

The bottom has a squareish window cut out of it, to allow the barrel of the Lawgiver to safely protrude downward. Most likely this is for 'accidental discharging' reasons.

Gas Grenade

  • 4.00 inches tall (without release handle attached).
  • 1.20 inches in diameter
  • Release Handle - 3.3 inches tall
  • Release Handle - 0.4 inches wide
  • Green cylinder (Pantone color 7743)
    Black top and handle
  • Leather Gas Grenade Holder (Pantone color 355 or 356)
  • More Information...