The Judge Boots seen in DREDD (2012) were all custom made by the company, Theatrical Shoemakers out of London, England. These boots were not store bought and other than the cam-buckles, everything that attached to the boot was handmade.


Our research has shown that the female Judge Boots are built in the same manner as the male Judge Boots, with the exception of the tread pattern on the sole (possibly that tread was not available in a smaller size).



The Knobby Sole

The most distinguishing feature of the Judge boot, besides the black leather, is the knobby sole. If all you care about is having a black boot with a shin guard on it, then make sure that black boot has a knobby sole. On first-glance, the look of the tread solidifies the para-military look of the Judge costume immediately. All other tread patterns would distract form that iconic silhoutte.

Shin Guard

The armor plate guarding the front upper part of the boot was made out of ABS plastic, and at times, the shin armor was made from cast Fiberglass. The production changed to fiberglass shins as the stress of everyday use proved to be too much during filming and the ABS plastic was breaking often.

The shins are a Gloss Black color with a Metallic Gunmetal color for the front smooth plate

Dimensions of the shins are in these blueprints.

Toe Armor

The toe armor was made from a hard, black rubber material and all toes were glued in place. They were painted with a very light coat of Emerald Green Paint which made the toes look like a dark green, but in fact the paint is emerald green.

Heel Armor

Heel armor was also made from hard, black rubber material. Some heels were glued inplace on some boots, others were screwed to the boot via the round hex head bolts. Background heel armor had the round hex head bolts cast into the rubber form.

Shifter Guard

The flat, ornate rubber Shifter Guard, nestled between the Toe Armor and Shin Guard, is the same cast item for all boots used in the movie, including the womens. The movie-production costumers individually trimmed the black rubber pad to fit whatever boot it was being placed on. Robb Allsopp showed a few lucky fans, at his 2013 DragonCon discussion panel, the masking tape template that they used to create the master pattern.

Securing the shifter Guard to the boot, we recommend using Barge Cement in the Yellow and Red Can, or a rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate (Superglue or IC-2000)

Round Ankle Puck

The Judge boot has a unique circle of leather cut out of the outside ankle area of the boot, and a piece of black suede is sewn intside this 'window'. On a normal motorcross boot, it is not uncommon to have a hard plastic puck on the inside of the boot in this area, but the production just left the circle un-armored (hence why it looks crushed down in photos).

Sidi Challenger Buckles (Hero)

Store Bought Item!!!
The buckles on the Hero Dredd and Anderson boots had store bought SIDI "Challenger" Buckles on them. These were working buckles, not faux parts. They actually secured the boot to the wearer.

The side-by-side image above shows the research we did to accurately identify the Challenger buckle.

Generic Cam-lock Buckles (Background)

On the Background and Stunt boots, the South African Costume Team opted to use generic Cam-Lock buckles on the outside of the boots, and they painted a Silver stripe across the buckle to simulate the metal-bar that was present on the Sidi Challenger Buckles. Boots with these generic buckles on them were refferred on-set as the "Painted Boots".

Suede Leather Panel

On the instep-side of the Judge boot, there is a large panel of tan-grey heavy Suede (aka "Split-side" leather) that makes up the upper wall. This most likely was recreating a similar design used on the Motorcycle Boot Industry, protecting the wearer from engine heat coming off the motorcyle. Why ruin good leather when you don't have to?

Top Boot Trim

The top edge trim of Dredd's and Anderson's Hero Boots utilize the same "inside-out Stretch Kevlar material" that the pants use.

The Background Boots and 4-Corrupt Judge boots had a heavy grade canvas along this edge. (see the "Suede Leather Panel" image for this canvas detail)

Embossed Carbon-Fibre Pattern

There are two oval-ish panels on each boot: one in the front of the ankle, one at the back of the ankle. They are made of Carbon fiber embossed leather, the same grey-ish leather used on the jacket elbow flap and the pants knee-flap. This material is doubled-up on itself (front-to-back) and stitched in place.

Store Bought Boots

Since the original boots used in the Movie were custom made, and you can't buy these boots anywhere from any vendor, most costumers will have to choose to buy boots that are "Close Enough". Currently, the boots that come most close are the UK sold TUZO SK9T boot. Next up would be the Aerostitch Combat Touring Boot. After those, the best thing to do is find some affordable vintage Motocross boots off of Ebay: O'neal "Elements" boots are similar in style, as are AlpineStars "Hi-Point" or "Malcolm Smith" boots.