Leather Gloves

The leather Gloves worn by the Judges in the DREDD movie are very unique in their own right. Again, Michael o'Connor and Rob Allsopp's costume crew spared no expense in hand-making each pair of gloves for the movie. They did not want the costuming community to be able to buy these gloves off the retail store rack, they wanted us to work for our fanboy costumes. :)

Gauntlet Style Gloves

The first detail you will notice about the gloves is that they are a gauntlet design. The Gauntlet is about 6.25 inches long, from the wrist seam.

Comm Display

The Left Gauntelt has the Hall of Justice Comm Display built into it. On the Stunt Gloves, the window size for that display is 3.30 inches wide and 1.55 inches tall.

Finger Greeblies

Store-bought Item!!!
The pyramid-like greeblies on the top of the fingers were sourced from a pair of O'neal "Butch" Racing Gloves.

Knuckle Armor

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The Knuckle Armor is also sourced from the same pair of O'neal "Butch" Racing Gloves that the Finger Greeblies came from. The Kevlar weave and the bevelled plastic windows are an exact match.

Anderson's Knuckles

Judge Anderson do not have the Kevlar weave knuckle protectors. She has padded leather knuckle protectors for each knuckle.
Judge Kaplan's glove looks to have leather knuckles as well.

Thumb Knuckle Armor

Both Dredd and Anderson have a leather pad over the Thumb Knuckle.

Wrist Strap

There is a wrist strap on both gloves. The strap is not sewn to the glove. It slips through a small leather belt loop on the thumb side of the glove, goes over the top of the wrist, loops through a metal D-ring that's sewn to one end of the strap, and then velcros back onto itself over the top of the wrist. The wrist strap is approximately 12.75 inches long, .75 inches (narrowest width), and 1.25 inches wide (widest width).

Hand Protection ridges

There are 4 raised padded ridges that run along the top side of the Gloves. You can see in this image they cut rectangular windows into the glove, then press-molded some padded-ridges into some leather, and then that leather is sewn to the inside of the Glove.

Comm Screen Details

The comm screens slide back door has a trapazoidal shaped slider-tab. This tab is .75 inches wide. Just outside the door area, on the gauntlet itself is one 4 mm hole and three 2 mm holes.
Kudos to Robb Allsopp's Costume Team for putting these anal-retentive details in the design.

Replica Gloves

LeatherNext.com is the only company making decent replica Judge gloves at this time.

Store Bought Gloves

Bilt (aka CycleGear.com) makes some affordable base gloves that you can cut the knuckle ovals out and add a leather Gauntlet too, that will make a "good-enough" Judge Glove. The Bilt Interstate and Hurricane Waterproof gloves are my recommendation.