Peachtrees Paramedics

T.J. (Peachtrees Paramedic)

The Peachtrees Paramedic "TJ" costume sets the standard for Paramedics in MegaCity One. He wears a fading Green Jumpsuit with reflective panels on the arm and leg cuffs, multicolor circular paramedic embroidered patch on the right sleeve , and a green-and-black embroidered patch on the left sleeve. His Blue Vest has 3 large pockets on the front, a green medic placard on the right shoulder, black bias tape around the entire vest, and the bottom two pockets and the collar bone areas have 2-inch wide horizontal reflective stripes sewn on. Boots look to be standard black work boots. TJ dons a white utility belt with 2 white pouches at all times. He occasionally carries a metal clipboard and a large black duffle bag. Duffle bag has a white and black checkerboard shoulder strap.

Jumpsuit Color

The "background character" Peachtrees Paramedic jumpsuit is an Olive Drab cotton material that is closest to Pantone 5555.

Jumpsuit Seams

The seams of the Peachtrees Paramedic are dyed darker than the base cloth color. This is a standard theatrical technique to help simulate wear-and-tear, but not actually damage the structural integrity of the costume. The final dyed cloth closesly matches Pantone 5483.

Jumpsuit Reflective Stripe

The reflective stripes seen on the Peachtrees Paramedic Jumpsuit and Vest is a medium grey color. Pantone 430 is close in hue (the reflective material makes it hard to determine actual color... so go with your best judgement)

Vest Color

the Peachtrees Paramedic 'background' Vest is a Medium or Marine Blue (Navy Blue is too dark.) Pantone 295 is closest in hue.

The material used for the background vest is a water-repellant-backed nylon, similar to that used on outdoor umbrellas. Duck Canvas would work as an alternative.

Vest Epaulet - Shape

The MEDIC epaulet seen on the right shoulder of the vest is 4.25 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The design contours to the top curve of the shoulder.

Vest Epaulet - Color

The green paint used on the epaulet is close in color to Pantone 5545 . The dark color of the main epaulet is a Dark Brown. But, there is a Black Color on the small raised area that the word MEDIC sits upon. Look closely.


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