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The Scout Blaster


The Scout Blaster ... this is a replica resin cast version.

Unlike a lot of the weapons in the Star Wars movie, the Scout Blaster was a custom piece made by ILM. Normally the artisans at ILM would take existing weapons and modify them to be futuristic blasters, not so with the Biker Scout's weapon.

image of a resin cast replica Single Point Scope.

A British made "Singlepoint Scope" was mounted to the right side the blaster, using half of a Webley scope ring to mount it, and a TO-3 style transistor is attached to the left side of the pistol grip. The rest of the gun looks to be custom sculpted.

Close up shot of a replica scout blaster barrel

The front nozzle looks similar to a PVC conduit coupling.

The Kenner Toys Scout Blaster, cira 1983

Kenner Toys sold scout blasters back in the mid 1980's for a couple of years. They were one of the harder to find items at that time, but with a little bit of diligence, you can find one or two a month being sold somewhere throughout the world. The Kenner toy is about 12% larger than the actual ILM version. Prop-makers sell resin cast versions of the kenner toy for any where from $35.00 to $70.00.

A replica kit of a Scout Blaster.  Email me for details on who sells these more accurate replicas.

A couple propmakers have taken the time to custom sculpt a blaster body and match the size of the real-world "Single Point Scope", therefore making an even more accurate blaster prop for the fans. These more accurate versions go from $60.00 to $120.00. Polymer Armory http://www.polymerarmory.com has made the most accurate resin cast blast to date. Price is below $100, get one of these amazing kits before they stop making them.

The generic measurement of the scout blaster is 21cm long (from tip of the barrel to end of the gun) and an 4cm inches maximum width for the main body. The barrel is 1cm in diameter. The Single Point Scope is 18.5cm long and 3.2cm in diameter at the back of the scope. The general diameter of the scope tube is 2.5cm.

TB312's Endor Base has a nice tutorial on making your own Hardware Scout blaster.

The Boot Holster for the Scout Blaster is discussed in the "Knees and Boots" section.

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