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Being in only a small part of all the Star Wars movies, the Biker Scout Trooper has little reference out there dedicated to it. Below are a few of the good books and websites we know that is out there for the fans.

Reference Books

The Biker Socut costume is kind of difficult to find pictures of. The few images that are out there are very scatttered across books and magazines. Below are some of the best books I've found that had images. The "Star Wars Chronicles" is probably the best reference book in general for star Wars costumes, and also the most expensive. The out of print "STARLOG guide to the Imperial Forces" had a couple pictures that were worth the $7.00 it cost.

Star Wars Visual Dictionary image
"The Star Wars Visual Dictionary" has a full two-page spread of the Biker Scout. The main image shows the Scout on top of a speeder bike, and a couple more smaller picts of the biker scout and the helmet. If you are looking to make a speeder bike. The main image would be invaluable for reference. The book costs about $15.00 plus shipping on Amazon.com.

Star Wars Chronicles
The "Star Wars Chronicles" is the mother of all Star Wars reference books. Over 300 full color pages of studio shots of all the props from the Star Wars movies. I cannot stress how well done and detailed this book is. If Lucas would only allow this kind of quality in all his licenced items, we'd be some bigtime happy fans. (grin) The one drawback is that the book has only one page dedicated to the Biker Scout Trooper. There are about 4 different photos on the page. But the rest of the reference shots of other costumes out weighs that one drawback, bigtime.

It's a bit pricey at over $120.00 but the price tag is definitely worth it for the quality you get in this book. You can get a good price on 'The Chronicles' at Amazon.com.

The Prop Builders Molding and Casting Handbook
The Prop Builder's Molding And Casting Handbook by Thurston James. It costs about $17.00 U.S. and shows, in Step by Step instruction, about 8 different ways to make a mold. It also goes into great detail how to build a Vacuumform Machine. This book rivals "THIS" website in detailed descriptions! I cannot say enough about it... buy the book... use the book... be one with the book. Amazon.com has it instock.



501stPathfinders.com A great place for movie reference pictures. Their gallery is very impressive. BikerScout.net's Discussion Forums are the best place to talk with others about the Scout Trooper costume. Good friendly people over there. Please be considerate of others when posting questions in the forum.

TK-312 Endor Base Good tutorial on making your own Biker Scout boots and a hardware Biker scout blaster pistol.

Parts of Star Wars Excellent reference site cataloging the parts that made up the costumes and props of Star Wars. They have identified the boots and the blaster scope of the Biker Scout. Booyah!!!

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