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Blueprinting Example - Jack Sparrow Compass (page 3 of 4)

Blueprinting the Details

Let's continue on this course and blueprint the gold stripping that details inside of the compass.

First we'll need to know how large the "cut out" circle is. Taking a measurement from the reference photos I believe the circle is 2.8 inches in diameter, possibly 2.75, but I am going to use 2.8 inches. The border stripes inside the compass seem to measure .1 inches wide, as were the outside stripes. I have decided to blueprint the circular stripe first.

I've reversed the colors of the blueprinting in order to replicate the look of the prop as much as possibe.

Looking at the reference photo, I notice that the vertical and horizontal stripes line up with the INSIDE corners of the border stripes.

The final blueprint for the inside of the compass surface will look like this.

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