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kit with metal frame

ZF1 Kit - Metal Frame

This 'Superkrates' kit consists of fan-made parts for building a "Fhloston Paradise" ZF-1 replica. The frame is made from metal, but the pod shell is .093 guage ABS plastic. The resin parts are made from Urethane Resin (base color varies from batch to batch). Turn around is currently 10-12 weeks. More info...

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Fiberglass ZF1 Pod

ZF1 Pod Shell - Fiberglass

This is an unfinished, film accurate Fiberglass Pod shell. Cast from a production used pod owned by Superkrates himself (This is the same pod shell that Adam Savage used in his ZF1 build). Comes with a resin cast foot. You can finish, paint and display this pod as is, or cut it to make an 'opened-pod' ZF1 replica. You will need to reinforce the seamline if you cut it apart. Turn around is 1-3 weeks.

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ZF1 Pod Shell - ABS Plastic

This is an unfinished, ABS Plastic Pod shell for making a more affordable ZF1 replica. The vacuumform molds were cast from the film accurate fiberglass pod described above. This is offered to the budget-conscience propmaker who just needs the shell to get started on building this amazing replica. Turn around is 1-3 weeks.

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ZF1 Replica - fully assembled- ready to display

ZF1 'Fhloston Paradise' replica - Fully Assembled

No time to assemble and paint a ZF1 replica yourself? We can build it for you. Your fan-made ZF1 replica will be built from a plastic shell, plastic frame, resin detail parts, fully painted, ready-to-display. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to place an order for a Finished ZF1. We want to discuss the commission with you personally before accepting your order. Generally the turn around time is 12 weeks (but we do have one already assembled, ready to ship).

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