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ZF1 Kit - Metal Frame - For Sale

$641.00 USA -or- $681.00 international

kit with Metal frame

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This is a parts kit that you have to assemble together (Very much like the plastic model car kit that you may have assembled as a child.) You will need a medium level of skill to assemble this replica prop. It should take 20-40 hours to build, depending on how detailed you want to go.

The Pod Shell molds are molded from an actual movie-used ZF-1 pod, and all the known model parts used on the prop have been cast as well. These factors ensure size and detail accuracy across the entire finished prop.

Handmade by legendary propmaker "Superkrates", The frame is made from movie-accurate 3/32 inch aluminium plate. The Pod Shell is .093 guage ABS-plastic. The resin parts are made from Urethane Resin (base color varies from batch to batch). Contact Us for more information. See more images below.

This kit contains:


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Turn around is currently 10-12 weeks.

Tools needed for assembly: Allen head wrenches, Screw drivers, Drill , Drill bits, Razor blades, Sandpaper, Pliers, Wrenches, various Adhesives, and 2-part Epoxy.

  • Outer Casing:
    • Upper Pod Shell
    • Lower Pod Shell
    • Pod Foot
  • Metal Frame parts:
    • Horizontal Frame
    • Vertical Frame (2x)
    • U-bracket
    • Inner U-bracket
    • Grip Lower U-bracket
    • Grip Upper U-bracket
  • Scope parts:
    • Scope Body
    • Scope Viewfinder
    • Scope Front Plexi
    • Scope Tubing (36")
    • Scope Support Rods (2x)
  • Miscellaneous Parts:
    • Black Hex-Head Bolts (20x)
    • Various Screws and Bolts (not shown)
    • Various nuts and washers (not shown)
  • Weapons systems:
    • Grip
    • Barrel
    • Barrel Plug
    • Barrel Ring
    • Barrel Support Rods (2x)
    • Flame Nozzle
    • Flame Body
    • Flame Top Nut
    • Flame Bracket
    • Flame Igniter
    • Freeze Nozzle
    • Vertical Blue Rod
    • Rocket Rest
    • Sensor Box
    • Sensor 1
    • Sensor 2
    • Yellow light
    • Little Red Button
    • Rocket Round Vents (2x)
    • Rocket Kit (Estes Bullpup)***
    • Side Rail left
    • Side Rail Right
    • Side Rail Mount Front Left
    • Side Rail Mount Front Right
    • Side Rail Mount Rear (2x)
    • U-bracket Greeblie Left
    • U-bracket Greeblie Right
    • U-bracket Greeblie Front




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