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Before I placed the bandages on I needed to attach the Velcro zipper. Here I am measuring out how long I wanted the Velcro to be. The Velcro zipper will run from the top of the head all the way down the back of the neck. I recommend the Velcro going almost to the shoulder blades of the wearer... this way you can tuck in the zipper under the Tusken robe without fear of it coming undone and exposing the models neck.

I choose which side I wanted the Velcro to be on the bottom and attached it to the base cloth. I attached a strip of bandage to the base cloth first and then attached the Velcro. I recommend putting the PLASTIC part of the Velcro on the bottom of the zipper configuration. The configuration of "plastic-teeth-on-the-bottom" won't catch your hair with the plastic teeth as much when putting the head on. I also recommend Sewing the Velcro to the cloth after the head is complete. We had a problem in the heat of the summer with the Glue separating from the Velcro and cloth causing the seam to pop sewing the Velcro down fixed the problem.

With one side of Velcro glued down we will attach cloth to the upper part of the Velcro and cover the opposite side of the head. These cloth areas will serve as a base for the final bandages that will cover the Tusken raider head.

Spot gluing the upper Velcro.

we need to glue the base cloth down to the foam padding but before we can do that we need to push the head spikes through the cloth. We figured out the location of the spikes base and marked it with a pencil.

We took a sharp knife and scored a hole through which we could push the spikes through.

The Spike pushed through.

The four spikes pushed through the base cloth prior to the gluing down of the base cloth.

I needed to attach the base cloth to the padding so I cut strips into the cloth so that the cloth would lay down nicely to the curve of the head.

Here's me gluing the strips down.

I used a knife to Distress the ends of the strips just in case they are not covered completely by the final bandages.

The air tube just prior to gluing the base cloth over it.