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Now I am almost ready to start laying down the final bandages. I need one small piece of leather on the bridge of the nose to make the Tusken raider more authentic.

The head awaiting final bandages.

We believe Denim is the best material to use for the dirty bandages. It frays very similar to the cloth used in the 1977 ANH Tusken Mask.

The color for the 1977/ANH head wraps is a yellowish Green, or pale olive color, not Tan like one would think. The darker green tint to the wraps helps distinguish the head from the body, and this was probably done as a filmmakers trick while shooting the movie.

Finding a non-blue Denim is tough in the USA, so you might want to try decoloring a couple old denim jeans, then redying the color you want color. We have not tried that technique ourselves, but a few fellow fans have done it with good results.

We need to put some BASE strips of cloth down
under the chin area of the Tusken Raider.

We just glued them in place. You might option to staple them to the Leather. No glue work that we have tried is 100% perfect for attaching things to leather. Contact Cement works okay... but it still doesn't hold like you would want.

All that is left is to wrap the head in dirty bandages and spot glue them down onto the head. Make sure you leave the back free to open up at the velcro area.

We use nine or ten 42-inch long bandages to finish out head with. Depends on the size of the head.