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The original Tusken Raider costume has no peripheral vision in which to look out the sides with... I decided to cut peripheral vision holes into my mask for side viewing capabilities. This addition to the design will help me navigate through crowded convention areas and tight hallways. I learned long ago the ergonomic needs of the wearer, Peripheral vision is one of the most needed ones.

Here's the side and lower holes cut out of my mask for the peripheral vision slots.

I hot glued some light tan see-through material over the peripheral vision slots.

With the vision slots covered I decided to attach the bandage cloth around these areas before I put the Tusks and Eyes pieces on. I learned after doing a few masks that if I did not put the cloth on first that it was a major pain to put it on with the eyes and tusks present. Follow my lead here or waste a few hours trying to get cloth into these tight areas.

Here's the tusks and eye pieces cemented in place. I use medium sized Magic Markers for tusks these days.

I recommend you painting the metal looking parts before attaching them to the mask too. Painting these when cloth is on the head is a pain.

the side view of the parts attached.

The inside view. Notice the peripheral vision slots. They will save your life one day... trust me!