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Before I tucked in the burgundy vinyl I contact cemented the teeth in place. There was some white area that would show around the teeth so I took a marker and colored them in.
The teeth are vacuumformed plastic painted to look like metal.

Here I start to tuck in the Burgundy vinyl. Notice that it doesn't take much to curve around to the inside of the mouth.

the tucking in from the inside view.

I contact cemented the vinyl to the inside of the mask. Notice how I curved in the vinyl and cut it nice and neat inside the mask.

Now we'll attach the Outside Leather bands that go around the muzzle of the mouth. I contact cemented the nose bridge first and then wrapped the leather around the muzzle.

the second layer of leather went on the same way.

Here's the bottom of the mask with the leather overlapping itself. After testing the mask out for a few days I noticed that I needed to staple the leather together on the bottom of the mask. Normal paper staples stapled in and crimped with a pair of pliers works well.

for the mouth I cemented in two pieces of black cloth to hide my HUMAN teeth from showing through the vinyl. I barely over lapped the cloth in the middle of the mouth so that I could push a straw through the DOOR and drink when I was in the suit.