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Now I needed to put the burgundy leather/vinyl on the mask to make the mouth area.

Here's the mask before I cut out the mouth.

Notice the shape of the cut out area. I used to think this type of cut-out was best, but I have learned that a simple 1 inch hole cut out about 1 inch below the teeth area worked better. The cut-out shown here leaves the vinyl bunched up in the corners of the mouth and does not look authentic to the movies.

Here's the proper shape hole for tucking in the burgandy material.

Disregard the misshaped hole in the following tutorial images, just concentrate on the technique I talk about.

I needed to cut a long strip of burgundy leather or vinyl to make the Tucked in look for the mouth piece. mine was 24 x 10 inches, but I have used 24 x 6 inches too. I think alot gets cut away when you tuck the material into the mouth hole.

I learned quickly when tucking in the burgundy vinyl that you need to go from the middle of the mask and work out.

The vinyl is pleated around the mouth piece so you'll need to slowly hotglue the vinyl into the desired pleats. It took me about 45 minutes to do one mouth.

Here's the start of the pleating vinyl.

the vinyl finally fully covering the mouth.