Image of a snowtrooper laying on the ground, ready to give covering fire for his fellow troopers


The Snowtrooper is issued a standard E-11 Blaster as their basic armament. All Snowtroopers carry a thermal detonator clipped to the back of their belts. In rare occassions the E-Web Cannon , a heavy repeating blaster, is brought out of the armory to dispatch of vehicles and large numbers of infantry.


Starwars .com image of the E11 blaster, ESB version.

E-11 Blaster

Built from a Sterling Submachine gun, the movie blaster was modified by attaching some rubber rails along the barrell, a Hengstler counter box along the top and a M-32 or M-38 azimuth tank scope to the top.

The ever-amazing Parts of Star Wars website has more info about the E-11 blaster than I care to place here. :-)

The Thermal Detonator

The thermal detonator, cylindrical in shape, is the same one as used by stormtroopers. It attaches to the back of the costume, on the Trench Coat belt, via metal clips.

image lifted from that shows the E-Web cannon in all it's glory

E-Web cannon

The e-web cannon looks to be fabricated out of found items. The tripod is potentially an existing tripod for some machine gun or anti-aircraft gun. If anyone knows any information about the fabrication of the E-Web cannon, please email us. Thanks.

A good reference item to look out for is the 1997 POWER OF THE FORCE Action Figure; "Deluxe Snowtrooper with E-Web Cannon". It's about 70% accurate to the movie cannon, even if it is out-of-scale to the action figure.

Refer to the images in the Reference Pictures section of this website for more images of the E-11 blaster and the E-Web Cannon.

You'll want to refer to our Full Metal Stormtrooper Blaster tutorial to give you ideas on how to fabricate non-firing replica weapons.