Reference Pictures

Here are some images of the ILM Snowtrooper armor for quick reference while you make your own costume. Print these out for physical reference while you are at your workbench.


Magic of the Myth Exhibit
tiedyejedi_snow-trooper ... image courtesy of the Tie-Dye-Jedi motm_abplate_01 motm_backpack_side01 motm_chestcontolbox_01 motm_googles_side
motm_leftforearm_01 motm_mukluks_01 motm_mukluks_02 motm_mukluks_03


Snowtrooper Commander
snowt_commander01 snowt_commander02 snowt_commander03 snowt_commander04 snowt_commander05


Star Wars Technical Journal Scans
snowt_swtechjournal_01 snowt_swtechjournal_02 snowt_swtechjournal_03


Star Wars Visual Dictionary
snowt_swvisdict_01 snowt_swvisdict_02 snowt_swvisdict_03


Official ILM Promotional Images
starwarscom_bts_bg esb_wampacutscene05 starwarscom_movie_bg veers_armor


E-Web Cannon
starwarscom_eu_bg starwarscom_eweb_bg esb_snowts_ewebcannon01 esb_snowts_ewebcannon02 esb_snowts_ewebcannon03