Attaching Instruments

The Interrogator Droid used various Torture Devices to interrogate it's victims. In real life most of the Instruments used on the movie prop were common surgical instruments. If you research the items well enough you will find out this droid cost a whole lot more to build than you think. One surgical Item I found cost $500.00 USA. - GAH -

We need to secure the medical utensils to the top of the Interrogator Droid. A pair of OB/GYN Eliot Forceps , a Sluder-Ballenger Tonsillectome and circular clamp of somesort, a laboratory Extension Clamp and a large "Everett" brand syringe are needed.

Here is a picture of the OBGYN Forceps secured to the top of the Upper Large Dome on the ILM screen-usedprop. These Forceps are used in delivering babies. Yeah... you heard right... delivering babies. Those Imperials have no respect for expecting mothers. For some good info on the kinds of forceps availble in the market, check out this web site. Thanks to "Doctor Brian Lewis" for identifying the OBGYN Forceps, it was a crucial piece for the propmaking community to identify.

Here's the connector plate that was riveted to the inside of the Upper dome to hold the Forceps in place. (this image shows my original barbecue tongs in place and not the forceps) Just so you know if the droid falls down from a table after it's built... be prepared to rebuilt this plate and the concave dome the forceps are housed in. The Forceps will take most of the damge if the droid falls. TRUST ME... I KNOW. IT HAPPENED TO ME. (grin)

For the fanfilm I was making at the time of writing this tutorial, I needed to replace the Sluder-Ballenger Tonsillectome with a Knife-looking Instrument. A futuristic-looking potato peeler fit the part. :)

thanks to "Conqueror_Worm" on for identifying the Sluder-Ballenger Tonsillectome.

Here's the Peelers mounting bracket. It's just a strip of plastic that was heated over the oven and bent into shape to hold the Peeler in place.

Here's a cool little knickknack that goes into one of the concave domes. After doing some research over the past few years I'm pretty sure that the "real-world" item used for this piece was a test tube clamp used in laboratories.

My knickknack was created using a strip of plastic heated over the oven and bent into shape.

The Everett Syringe needs to be attached to the side of the droid. Check with the Details section of this website for the syringe holder I made.

The robtic arm on top of the droid has been identified (march 2001). Yeahhh!!!! This thing baffled me for years... literally! I had no idea what this thing was. It looks like something that was welded together in high school shop class.

But, lucky for us, it is a common item in certain parts of the world. It is an Extension Clamp used to hold glass flasks in science laboratories! Thanks to Nathan Boyd for identifying it, and Wesley West for coming in behind and confirming the real-world part.

image of round instrument.Okay... Now we need to identify this round part. It's some sort of circlular clamp-looking thing. It's on the back side of the interrogator droid so you rarely know it's there. Has anyone seen anything like this before? If so, please Email Us any info you have that might help identify this part. Thanks.

Below are 4 pictures taken from the Star Wars: Majic of the Myth Exhibit of the actual screen used ILM Interrogator Droid prop.

image of round instrument.
If you can identify the round item in this picture... Email Us. It would be most appreciated.