Detail Pieces

The Interrogator droid has some detailing pin striping on it. I used a 4 mm. Pinstripe tape for mine. The 80% size could have used a 2.5 mm. Pinstripe easily. My pinstriping works okay... but it's alittle too wide to be 100% authentic.

Laying the pinstripe down was easy. I actually over laid the stripes and then took an exacto-knife and cut off the excess ends.

For the Interrogator Droid's surgical needle I needed a futuristic syringe holder. A black spray paint can top worked fine as a syringe holder after I cannibalized it.

Below are 4 pictures taken from the Star Wars: Majic of the Myth Exhibit of the actual screen used ILM Interrogator Droid prop.

Notice that ILM modelmakers used an Everett syringe for the surgical needle. If I find out the model number for this syringe I'll post it here. The robot looking arm is a beaker clamp used in science labratories. The white decals looked to be standard peel-away labels that was used in office supplies during the 70's. The Tong looking antenna is an OBGYN Forceps. We are trying to identify the scissor like item on the left side and the donut-looking metal thing in the back of the droid.

More details about the medical tools are in the "Attaching Instruments" section.