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Vacuumformed - Low Weight


$188.00 USA -or- $228.00 international



kit with ABS plastic frame

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This is a TRIMMED Shell, ready-for-assembly out of the box.

The shell is 100% ABS plastic (the same plastic used on interior car doors, but not as thick.)

The shell is sturdy, similar to a large plastic salad mixing bowl, but some reinforcement on the inside would help support any heavy objects that you attach to it. A simple wooden block and screws on the inside of the shell would be all that is needed. Generally fiberglass reinforcement is not necessary.

The shell is made from a process called vacuumforming, where a hot sheet plastic is placed over a specific shaped buck mold and vacuum-pressure is applied to make the parts. Because the process lays the material OVER the buck mold, imperfections on the plastic surface will occur. Mainly what we get are defects called 'softness' and "webbing". We inspect all parts before sending them out and we do not send parts that are too soft or have too much webbing. We pride ourself on quality.

We do not recommend rolling this shell down a hill... it is plastic... it will break. :)
Yes, we have had people try to use our shells as stunt packs and, yes, they were immediately damaged.

Production time takes 20 days (3 weeks) after payment is made.



Free Shipping



Free Shipping

Shipping cost is included in the prices above.

We are waiting on our suppliers to have sheet plastic instock. Expect late April 2024 before we have premium-quality Proton Pack Shells available again.

B-Grade Shells FOR SALE

We have "B-Grade" Proton Pack Shells available. B-Grade Shells are shells that have slight imperfections in them that keep them from being premium quality. The shells still look like a GB Proton Pack, but it is not perfect. Usually the defect is very thin plastic in the deep valley areas, but sometimes the plastic breaks and a hole forms in these areas too. Sometimes the plastic gets too hot and a a rough texture forms from this heat.


Free Shipping


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