Evil Ash goes to DragonCon

Evil Ash, star of the 1990's hit movie "Army of Darkness", crashed the DragonCon 2001 Convention on September 2. Below are the pictures of his hijinks at the fandom based event. Enjoy.

Goths love Evil Ash. Heck! Who doesn't love evil Ash?!? He's the best.

Alisachan finally dropped her good-girl anime costumes and dressed up in her bad girl "Dawn" get-up.

Star Wars Costumers also dig Evil Ash. Kyle Kartan and Dash Rendar joined in for a rare photo-op of "Good and Evil".

What did we say about goth's before? We double that philosophy now. Booyah!

Evil Ash entered the Hall Costume Contest. Did he win? He has no idea. Who did win, someone please Email Us and tell us.

Candian hottie, Hillary, took time out to pose with the Main Man himself.

Being the good deadite that he is, Jesus showed up to DragonCon and showed his support for fandom. Way to go, Jesus!

This "SaranWrap" Hottie was there just to tease Evil Ash and all the other male con goers that roamed the halls that evening. Go Ahead and kiss the king, Baby. Kiss The King!

Console game character MEGAMAN and Star Treks own evil deadites, THE BORG, show their support for the "Army Of Darkness".

Out of costume due to some wimpy comdrades not wanting to dress up this night, DragonCon favorite "Shannon" posed with Evil Ash for a quick photo. "Let's Rock!"

He's a very Bad Ash, a VERY Bad Ash.

Colonial Marine and all over bad guy, Jeff Young poses with Evil Ash.

Jeff Young attempts to take down the king. He'll pay for that. Grrrrrr.

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