You know you want to beat up Wanna-be Jedis and shoot at high speeding Pod Racers... so let's make the costume!

Welcome to the "Definitive How To" on making a Tusken Raider costume from the blockbuster Star Wars movies. In this website we will show you the Steps it took for us to build a Tusken Head piece, sew up the ragged robes and build their deadly Gadeffi (gaffi) stick. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Just so you know this costume took quite a while to research. There are only a few pictures of the Tusken Raiders out there in circulation. We found only 10 different photos of them in the 50+ books we reseached. These costumes are definetly one of those costumes that had little screen time in the Star Wars movies. But it's definetly a great costume to own.


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