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For tis particular mask I added foam to make it bigger. This is not needed for any mask that StudioCreations made after 2004. Our first generation masks were narrower than the 2nd and 3rd generation masks.

ATTACHING THE HEAD SPIKES that adorn the Tusken Raiders crown. I took a piece of plastic and curved it into the shape of the Tusken Raiders head. I then drilled a hole in it. This hole is where the spike will attach to the plastic. On the current base masks, you just drill your spike holes into the mask itself.

I drilled the bottom of the spike and riveted the spike to the plastic base. You can just screw the spike onto the base if you want. I made the spike out of a 1/4 inch piece of aluminum rod, secured it into an electric drill, ran it across a piece of sandpaper therefore sanding down the rod to the desired taper.

Once the spikes are set to their bases I glued them in place on top of the foam padding. (Note: this is for my old base masks, disregard if building from my more current Tusken faceplates)