The Finished Pictures

Studio Creations Costume - 2001 (Real Enfield Bandoliers)


  Other Fan's Tusken Costumes
Aaron's costume was hand built by Aaron himself.  He used a Studio Creations base mask to quickly assemble his head.
Aaron's Tusken - Oct. 2004
Derek's Tusken head
Derek's Tusken Head - May. 2005
Dereks Robes and Costume
Derek's Tusken Body - May. 2005
Wayne made an awsome Harad Hett inspired costume
Wayne's Jedi Tusken - Oct. 2005
Peter's handmade tusken costume
Peter's Tusken Raider costume from Malaysia - Dec. 2005
Jerry's two tusken heads finished
Jerry speed built these two tusken heads in 14 days. Feb. 2006
Almar's amazing tusken
Almar's amazing tusken raider head. Finished Jan. 2006
Almar's amazing tusken
Almar's tusken head close up. The teeth are carved wood. Kudos to Almar!
Almar's amazing tusken
Almar's Gaffi stick. Hand carved from meranti wood - except for the wings. Jaw dropping quality.
Tim's Tusken head was additionally modified by adding a base ball helmet to the backside of the face shell.  Way to modify, Tim!
Tim speed-assembled his Tusken Head in a matter of days. Woohoo! February 2006.
Michael's tusken costume!
Michal Meissner sent us this image of his finished tusken raider costume in July 2006. The "green screen" wall means he might be making a fan film!! Woohoo!!!
Mark's custom tusken head
Mark built this head in 2 days. The head wraps were kicked around the garden to give it authentic dirt distressing.
Erik's tusken head
Erik assembled his head in late 2006. He's going to send in photos of the finished costume soon. :)
Oliver's Tusken raider costume
Oliver is one of the few Tusken Raiders residing in Monaco. Woohoo!
Henry's Tusken raider costume
Henry built this Tusken costume just in time for Halloween, 2006. HIs head spikes are the nozzles from caulking tubes. Now that's inventive!
Luke's Tusken CostumeTJ made this tusken costume for his son in ONE DAY... "We used a kids $2.00 hockey mask from Walmart for the face and I took an old ballcap of his and cut the bill off for the head. The horns were the bottom half of ball-point pens, the eyes were film canisters, the mouth was an old leather belt, the tusks were highlighters, the silver nose piece was cut out of silver clay that i baked in the oven, the respirator was a bottle of kids bubbles turned on it's side and I got all the scrap fabric from remnants at a craft store. Awesome!"
Clay kicking arse in a Tusken costume
Clay built his tusken raider costume in 2006 so he could go whoop some Jedi arse. You show them who's boss Clay! :)
Photo of Erik looking bad ass in his finished costume.
Erik sent in photos of his finished Tusken Raider costume... Episode 1 style. YAHHH!!!!!
Anton in his finished costume.
Anton built this Tusken Raider in early 2007. YAHHH!!
Brandon and his awesome Gaffi
Brandon finished his costume just in time for Halloween 2007
Laura and a Jawa friend
Laura made this great Tusken and Jawa at the end of 2007
Brandon's tusken head... on a stick
Brandon did a bang up job on his tusken head and robes
Laryy and Sally's speed built tusken
Larry and Sally speed built this Tusken costume for their son in a matter of hours. WOW, WAY TO GO!!!
Shannons Tusken Costume
Shannon took these Tusken Raider shots in 2008.
Heaths Tusken costume that he built for his sons ahlloween costume
Heath did an awesome job on his son's Tusken Raider costume for Halloween '08
Daniels Tusken Costume
Daniel built this sweet Tusken Raider costume in time for Halloween 2008 as well.
Hannahs Tusken CostumeElijahs Tusken Costume
Hannah and her brother Elijah built two Tuskens for the 2016 opening of "Rogue One". The costumes were made from supplies they could get immediately, i.e. cardboard used for the basemask. Even on a budget, a kick-ass Tusken can be made!


Studio Creations Original Costumes - 1999