The Bandoliers

The ILM Screen-used Bandoliers were actually World War 2 Enfield .308 ammo bandoliers used by the Allied forces. Prior to 2005, costumers could purchase these online/offline at various Army-Navy Supply stores for about $50.00 each, no days, they are tough to find. What we show you below is how to make some decent looking replicas for about $15.00 USA.

First we need to make the pouches out of Vinyl or leather (which ever material you prefer.) We made ours out of vinyl and here is our pattern template.

With the pattern cut out we folded the two side flaps to the back of the pouch.

Take the bottom flap of the template and tuck it "under and behind". This will become the back of the pouch and the front flap. Sew or rivet the back of the pouch to the two side flaps.

With the pouches all finished you will want to make the bandolier belt. We just took a 45 inch (114 cm) piece of vinyl and sewed it together like in the picture . Sew the belt together inside-out and then turn it outside-in once the seam is sewn. Iron the vinyl flat if you are having trouble with the vinyl billowing up. Use a piece of cloth between the vinyl and a hot iron, to heat press the vinyl flat.

Here is a 1908 Enfield Bandolier pattern for you to print out. This pattern is accurate, and is slightly different than what this website tutorial shows.

sew or rivet the pouches to the bandoleer and position them as you want them to stay. Now sew or rivet the belt ends to themselves. You can distress the vinyl and leather with a little flat black spray paint and some sandpaper to give it that weathered look. Voila! The bandoliers are finished.

Bandoliers Picts of our Bandoliers (cira. 1999)

Actual 1908 Enfield Bandolier Here is an image of the backside of an actual 1908 Enfield Bandolier. Notice the 4 rivets used to secure each leather pouch onto the main strap. Also notice how the strap is made with the center cut out. The center cut out becomes one of the extension straps for the final belting of the bandolier.

      -end bandoliers