Eric's Darkness Costume


"Hi, I used your liquid latex mask section in your how-to tutorials to make my own mask. You guys said you wanted pictures of the finished 'evil ash' costume, but i figured you might want pictures of other masks you helped to create! This was my first mask so I learned a lot through the process, and your website was a great help, so thanks!"

"I randomly wanted to be the character "Darkness" from the movie 'Legend' (That Tom Cruise movie where he's really young and fights the huge red guy...which was the darkness) So I finally finished it just in time for Halloween. I'm already 6'4, but I made some 'hooves' that also boosted my height by about a 3/4 of a foot. I made the horns out of newpaper duct tape and shiny cloth, and set a whole system out of metal hangers to help balance the horns on my head inside the mask. I sewed my own cape with a gigantic hood on the back, and sewed some other clothes for myself. I unfortunately used Acrylic paint for the mask because of the rush I was in, and now it's peeling. But I will repaint it with the right stuff. Thanks again!"

"P.S. the background picture is the original character next to my rendition for comparable purposes. Hopefully my second mask will go a lot quicker and look better now that I sort of know what I'm doing. "