Danel's Cardboard Clonetroopers


Our production team consisted of myself (dan lacey), steve beck, james white, chris hamilton and steve dean.

We collected a shed load of card[board] from our local bike store to begin with. All pieces seen are made from card which has been scored and worked with to fit our bodies.

To achieve the white gloss finish we used hydroponic white sheeting which is 95% reflective. was only 1 a metre! We then spray mounted this onto the card. We found coving was ideal for the arms, cut into 3 pieces but unfortunately did not have time to add this touch. A lot of double sided carpet tape was used to attach pieces of card together.

We tried and tested so many templates that by the end our student house, including our garden was completely filled with cardboard boxes. During this time we had to avoid our landlord like the plague! A lot of cutting down was also needed in order to fit in the taxis to get to the ball as at first we struggled to bend our legs. The suits were very durable though and manged to last the whole night.

The project was very time consuming but once the templates were made it was quite easy as we just duplicated them. Overall we were proud of our outfits, especially seeing as they were knocked up in about 3 days. The summer ball was awesome! So many good outfits. All in all a night to remember.