Speeder Bikes at DragonCon 2000
Yes, these are the speeder bike costumes that are seen in the february 2002 issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine.

Excellent shot of the speeders at Friday's Star Wars costume contest. -photo by Drasham.

Both speederbikes side by side in an action pose on Saturday night - photo by Stefan

Friday nights race down the costume contest aisle as a late entry. -photo by Paul Lilly

Jeff And Kurt Allen taking a break Saturday night after the costume contest. -photo by Wolfsong

Group of biker scouts and the Speederbikes. - photo by Studio Creations

Excellent Robocop gives out a citation to high velocity traveling Speeder Bikes. -photo by Studio Creations

Side shots of the speeder bikes. - photo by Paul Lilly

Official DragonCon photo of the Speederbikes - photo by DragonCon Staff

Stand alone photos of the bikes

Outside shots of the Speeder Bikes