The Chemical Torture Turret

the Interrogator droid has a Chemical Torture Turret attached to it's top. We used a 3 liter soda bottle and a large plastic Easter egg to build this turret.

We cut the top of the soda bottle off at the right area and also sawed off the cap from this top. The final height that we got for our 80% size droid was 4.25 inches (11 cm) tall.

Here's the Soda Bottle top placed over the Easter egg that will serve as the base for the turret. Cut the Easter egg at it's equator making sure the egg is a little shorter than the Soda Bottle top.

the soda bottle top will have three circle cut out of it. This areas allow for the torture nozzles to just out of the turret as they are attached to the plastic egg base.

The soda bottle with the circles cut out of it.

We have most of the main components finished so lets primer and paint, with gloss black paint, the parts we have ready. Allow the parts to dry for at least 8 hours before touching them. Gloss paint is extremely sticky.

Here's the painted Upper Dome after the gloss black paint dried.

Once all the paint is dry we can attach the Chemical Torture Turret to the Upper Dome. I placed the Painted EGGG dome on first. Here I am just lining up for positioning.

I made three brackets and positioned them inside the lines I drew to mark the spot for the turret. Screw the Egg Base to these brackets.

Here's me drilling the Turret's shroud (a.k.a. the Soda Pop top) to the already attached Egg base. Voila the Chemical Torture Turrent is almost done. Metal knobbies are needed to finish it.