Putting It All Together

With the Upper and Lower domes and the Equator completed we can attach everything together and go to bed. (grin) We'll be using Screws instead of rivets to attach the parts togetehr. It will make things much easier if we need to modify anything in the future.

I started with the bottom dome first. I placed four brackets onto the panels base and then attached the dome to those.

Drilling the holes blindly through the domes to match up with the brackets was a time-consuming task. Measure twice and cut once is the general rule here.

Here we are attaching the top dome to the equator. Notice the bracket on the inside.

The bottom dome attached to the equator.

Notice that I used a screw to connect the dome to the equator. This allowed me a fast disassemble when I have time to put in my lights and other electronic knickknacks.

The domes fully attached to the equator.