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There are no other websites that give out information about the Interrogator Droid that I know of. Sorry.

Reference Books
Unfortunately there are not that many reference books out there that show the Interrogator droid in all it's glory. How many seconds was the droid in the movies? 10? 15? Not too much screen time at all. Your best bet is the books below and try picking up the STAR WARS: BEHIND THE MAGIC CD-ROM... it's got a few low-res shots I've never seen.

Star Wars Visual Dictionary image
"The Star Wars Visual Dictionary" has a Full page image of the Interrogator Droid. One of the best reference photos I've ever seen for this prop. A must buy for reference material. It runs for about $15.00 plus shipping on

Star Wars Chronicles
The "Star Wars Chronicles" is the mother of all Star Wars reference books. Over 300 full color pages of studio shots of all the props from the Star wars movies. It boasts only a few pictures of the Interrogator Droid... but the rest of the book fully makes up for it in vastness of photos. A definete must-have-item for any serious prop builder. If Lucas would only allow this kind of quality in all his licenced items, we'd be some bigtime happy fans. (grin)

It's a bit pricey at over $130.00+ but the price tag is definetly worth it for the level quality that went into this book. You can get a great discount on it at