The Domes

The Interrogator Droid Used in the Star Wars: A New Hope film was actually built from a left over R2D2 dome. This means that the real Interrogator Droid is 18.75 inches (45 cm) in diameter. We couldn't find an affordable dome that large so we opted to used a street lamp globe purchased from a hardware store that was 15.5 inches (39.5 cm). Our droid will only be 80% the size of the original Interrogator Droid.

If you use the same globe method we did to make the domes you will need to cut the globe into two equal size domes. that means cutting the globe in half. To so this you will need to find a center point on the globe from which to base your cutting calculations from.

Notice that the lampost hole in teh existing globe is off center at the bottom. We will use this hole to our advantage later on when doing detail work on the Interrogator Droid.

With the center point found we now use a piece of string and a pencil to mark the equator of the globe.

Now cut the ball in half. We use the DREMEL TOOL as our tool of choice to cut large areas with.

The Interrogation Droid needs to have etchings like the dome or R2D2. We drew them on with a pencil then carved the lines in with a box knife blade.

Here we use a piece of cloth or rope to hold a constant line in place while we draw the horizontal lines onto the Droids dome.

We used the same cloth to draw straight lines down the dome.

Once the dome panels were drawn in we attempted to etch in the lines with a DREMEL TOOL. This proved to be disastrous. We recommend using a sharp box knife to ETCH in the dome panels. The Dremel was too clunky to get the necessary detail we needed.