Concave Areas

The Interrogator Droid's body is riddled with many small concave areas that house it's instruments of torture. most of these areas are no bigger than 2 inches (5 cm) across. A few are larger. Here we will look into creating these concave areas.

We needed to create a concave area in the place where the lampost hole was in one of the domes. We'll use a small plastic bowl to fill this area.

We'll place the bowl into the hole and mark the area that the two parts meet.

Here's the line that we drew.

Now we'll take a knife and cut the bowl at the line we just drew. This should give us an accurate concave shape to fill the hole in the dome.

The bowl cut up.

Here we have taped the bowl to the hole in the dome. See what we were attempting to do? Fill in the hole.

I used HOT GLUE on the inside of the dome to seal the cut bowl to the dome. You can use a Two part epoxy if you want to ensure your Droid will last longer than mine. I only needed the droid for a few weeks so HOT GLUE was going to work just fine.

We need to create some more concave areas into the two domes for the instruments of torture. Most of these areas are on the TOP dome... but there is at least one in the lower dome.

I used some clear Holiday decorative balls for the concave areas. One size was 2inches (55 mm) wide and another was 3.5 inches (90 mm) wide.

I placed each small dome onto the Large dome and marked it's soon to be location with a pencil.

Once I marked all the concave dome locations I cut out the areas from the large domes.

Here's a clear small dome placed in it's final location.

I need to tightly secure the small domes to the inside of the larger domes so I decided to make some brackets that would hold the domes in place. I cut a strip of plastic .5 inch (12mm) wide and 1.5 inches (35mm) long. I then heated up the plastic and bent it into shape.

I decided three brackets per concave dome would be needed. I drilled holes for each of the brackets into the larger domes.

Here's a bracket riveted to the inside of a dome.

Here's three brackets riveted to the inside of the dome.

A clear dome in place, supported by the brackets.

You'll need to be careful when drilling a riveting the concave domes in place. Their clear plastic is very strong... but extremely brittle.

The concave dome fully secured in place.

Here's a large dome in place. Notice how I cut the hole for this concave smaller than the Clear dome itself. This allowed the clear dome to COME OUT of the larger dome and look a little more mechanical.

That's it for concave areas.