The Helmet

John Hart, one of the artists who worked on the original evilAsh armor was kind enough to Drop us a line after hearing about this website and he had this to say about the screen used helmet and armor.

"The base of the helmet is a custom made German salade... All of the armor in the movie was based on 15th century Italian and German armor...The original concept was fossilized armor, steel fused with bone, with the color scheme black and rust with a little bit of shine here and there."

Not knowning at the time of construction what was used to makle the Evil Ash helmet, we took a Don Post Darth Vader helmet and used that as a basis. We cut about 2 inches off the bottom of the plate area of Darths helmet, and used the rest. (John Hart said our choice of base helm was pretty accurate compared to what they used in the movie)

The skeletal part of the helmet was custom sculpted in clay and covered in fiberglass. We then sanded down the fiberglass a little to get the sharp burrs off the surface and pulled the clay out.

Painting was simple, as was riveting the fiberglass skull to the Darth Vader base helmet.

- end helmet -