The Clothes

The movie shirt was a custom made shirt fashioned in a pattern from the medieval era. It did not button down the front, but rather across the right breast. It did not have ordinary buttons either. They used little strips of cloth and tied those into knots to simulate buttons.

The pants look to be standard brown colored cotton work pants from the 20th Century. No big problem there. You will want to rough them up and maybe tear them a little.

Then there is the cape and the boots. Red cape and regular old cowboy boots. 'Nuff said!

When it came time to do the clothes we were under the gun to get them finished quickly so we did not custom sew a shirt. We basically took a denim long sleeve shirt, cut off the collar and sewed on similar blue color buttons.

You'll want to cut the collar off the denim shirt. One of the identifying traits of a 20th century shirt is the collar, medieval shirts did not have a collar.

Drag the shirt through the dirt and oil a few times then wash the thing. That should distress the shirt appropriately.

Remember.... Evil Ash was not clean! I do not want to see perfectly "clean and pressed" Evil Ash costumes from you buttheads, got that !?!

The pants need to be distressed too. Buy a pair of work pants that are dark brown, darker than needed, drag them through the dirt, grass and under the car if need be, then wash it in hot water with a little bleach. Repeat this process until the pants start to look like they've been buried in the ground for a week. Then you are ready to go. Notice that we sewed up one of the legs with bailing twine.

The cape was simple. Get some bright red cloth , 3 feet wide 4 feet long (1 meter x 1.3 meters), run it through the grass, dirt and leave it on a motorcross track for a week, this is for distressing. After that wash it once, once and only once. It needs to look rough. Now stand it up and take a sharp box knife or any sharp knife and slice the cape up. Just take "little" stabs at the cloth. Big gashes are not needed.

You want these tears in the cloth to simulate briars and twigs that tore the cape in the first place, those are small things, so they would make small and medium gashes. Tip: I liked to stretch the cloth while slicing it up, the effect was quite nice. All in all the slicing and dicing process took about 30 minutes, maybe a little more, but not too much.

Remember to get the bottom of the cape too. Nothing looks worse than a torn up cape and the bottom being nicely trimmed. To heck with that, tear into the bottom of the cape like it had been run through the brambles for a week!!! YEAHHH!!!!

- end the clothes -