Leather Straps

Like most medieval armor , the Evil Ash armor was assembled upon the wearer by a network of leather straps and metal buckles. This kept the armor secure against the body and allowed for a great range of motion for the wearer.

Here is a diagram showing how we connected the armor via leather straps. The dark brown straps mean those are on the back of the wearer , while the lighter straps are on the front of the wearer. You do not need different colored leather, this is done here in different color to show you placement of the straps.

The bicep armor straps loop around the arm completely. You can buckle this either in the front or the back. The shoulders are connected to a leather strap that runs down the shoulder along the outside of the arm. This strap in turn connects to the highest point of the vertical leather strap that secures the chest armor to the wearer.

- end leather straps -