Endor Blaster Rifle


The Endor Rebel Soldier carries a Blaster Rifle that is similar, but different, to the BlasTech A280 rifle carried by the Hoth Rebel Troopers in "Empire". Click here for a comparison picture.

Lucasfilm has never named the Endor Blaster Rifle in any of it's merchandise or promo materials, so we do not have a name for it other than the "Endor Rebel Blaster Rifle".


The Endor Blaster Rifle movie prop is based off of an M16/AR15 machinegun. The barrel and shoulder stock have been removed, and custom parts replacing them. A Single Point scope with additional greeblies were added to the top, and a fake ammo magazine, barrel shroud and wooden foregrip were added to the mid section of the replica weapon.

click here for the blueprints to this rifle
Click on image to view 1:1 scale blueprint

We are currently working on our Endor Blaster Rifle, so instructions about making your own are forth coming. We are using a M16-A2 airsoft rifle that we bought off ebay.com as the basis for our replica weapon.


E-11 Stormtrooper Rifle


While you normally would want to outfit your costume with the standard issue Rebel Alliance equipment, it is okay to carry a Stormtrooper E-11 blaster rifle in a pinch. Seen in this screen shot from the DVD, a lone Rebel Soldier used an E-11 during the Battle of Endor. If a fan chastises you about carrying the E-11 while you are out trooping, tell him to go back an rewatch the DVD. :)



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