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Dragon*Con Costumer Interviews

Armed with a couple of video cameras, the Studio Creations Crew interviewed a few of their fellow costumers at the 2005 Dragon*Con Convention. You can learn alot about technique and materials when you talk amongst your peers.

Spider Jerusalem Image

'Religious' Spider Jerusalem from the "Transmetropolitan" comic book
15.5 MB

  Dirk the daring - Dragons Lair image

Dirk the Daring and Princess Daphne - Based on the Dragon's Lair video game
13.4 MB

Henchman number 21 image from The Venture Bros cartoon

Henchman #21 from "The Venture Bros" cartoon
12.8 MB

  Gene Simmons from KISS image

Gene Simmons from KISS
11.9 MB

Strawberry Shortcake costuming group image

Strawberry Short Cake Costume Group
16.2 MB

  Nick fury

Nick Fury from the Marvel Comic Universe
14.9 MB

Padme Amidala image

Padme Amidala from Star Wars : Episode 3
14.5 MB

  call of Cthulhu Inspired costume image

"Call of Cthulhu" Inspired costume
18.8 MB

The Spectre image

The Spectre from the DC Comics Universe
10.9 MB

  Jack skellington image

Jack Skellington costume
(no interview, just footage of him walking around. He looked so cool)

5.1 MB

Scifi Guy and Sorceress - original creations image

Scifi Guy and his Sorceress
25.9 MB

  Island of Misfit Toys image

Island of Misfit Toys Costumes
Winners of the DragonCon 2005 costume contest

22.5 MB

Handycam Shot Interviews (lower quality video)

We apologize profusely for Jeff's bad camera work on these interviews.

Superman, Captain America and Gilligan image

Superman, Captain America and Gilligan talk shop in the hallways
19.8 MB

  Washko as BeetleJuice - image

BeetleJuice as a tour GUIDE.
13.8 MB

BeetleJuice and Lydia costumes

Different BeetleJuice and a Lydia - marriage costumes
28.8 MB

  amazing distressing job done on this ARC trooper

ARC Trooper from "Star Wars : Clone Wars" cartoon
7.9 MB

Beta Ray Bill image

Marvel Comic's "Beta Ray Bill"
6.9 MB

  Stewie image

Stewie costume based on the "Family Guy" cartoon
10.1 MB

Chiana image

Chiana from the "Farscape" TV show
17.9 MB

  Image of General Thade

General Thade from Tim burton's "Planet of the Apes"
16.7 MB

picture of a ROBOT... nuff said!

24.6 MB


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