Thanks for the link FARK.COM!!! Everyone, welcome to the Definitve Guide to making your very own FULL METAL Blaster Rifle replica as seen in the Star Wars movies. It took about 24 hours total man-hours to complete the project. The parts that went into making this prop came directly from the local hardware store and local automotive salvage yard, and the entire replica was built for just a little over $50.00 USA, so do not expect 100% accurate results in this tutorial. Also, this tuorial was created in 1999, when "Phantom Menace" came out, so it is a little dated and additional info can be found on the web on how to build your own replica E-11 Blaster.

FYI - The Original E-11 Stormtroper blaster made by ILM for the movies was built mainly from a real-wold British Sterling Sub-machinegun. Other bits and pieces were added to the body of the gun for decoration.

I hope you can sit back and enjoy the reading.