There are not too many places I can send you that wil help with the creation of the Blaster Rifle prop. I actually only know of one place that has any real refence to the replica. It's called John's Spot on the Web. He's done some major footwork in finding the parts that actually were used in the real props used in the movies. If you have the cash... he'll even sell you some resincast scopes and other parts for your replica blaster project.

Reference Books
The Star Wars Blaster Rifle is a pretty common film prop to find reference pictures for. I highly recommend the following books to buy, strictly for their quality of pictures.

Star Wars Visual Dictionary image
"The Star Wars Visual Dictionary" has a double page spread of a side view of the blaster rifle. Perfect for seeing all the little details needed to go into your replica prop. A must buy for reference material. It runs for about $15.00 plus shipping on

Star Wars Majic of the Myth
"Majic of the Myth" was made in celebration of the Smithsonian Star Wars exhibit that happened back in 1997. It features a great comparision shot of the Blaster rifle and the original weapon it was built off of, the Sterling sub-machinegun. This softcover book runs for about $35.00 plus shipping on

Star Wars Chronicles
The "Star Wars Chronicles" is the mother of all Star Wars reference books. Over 300 full color pages of studio shots of all the props from the Star wars movies. I cannot stress how well done and detailed this book is. If Lucas would only allow this kind of quality in all his licenced items, we'd be some bigtime happy fans. (grin)

It's a bit pricey at over $105.00 but the price tag is definetly worth it for the level quality that went into this book. You can get a great discount on it at