Ammo Magazine and Other Details

With the grips and scopes inplace we will put the rest of the major details onto the Blaster body, These include the ammo magazine, selective firing switch and a few other knickknacks for sprucing up the gun.

We need to fabricate the side clip the the Sterling SMG had on it. I created the magazine guide and magazine out of sheetmetal.

Here's the plans I used to create the magazine guide. I am not including PRINTABLE versions of this beacause I feel you should take the time to engineer your own magazine and magazine guide. Sorry, but I feel you must do atleast one thing on your own without my help. :-)

Here's the final sheet metal magazine.

The magazine and guide screwed onto the blaster body.

Once the magazine is finished you'll need to attach a few knicknacks to the body to fill out the empty space on the body. I screwed all my items to the main body just to make sure they were secure.

both sides need a little filling out. Try not to put BULKY items on the side of the rifle that doesn't have the ammo magazine on it. This is the side of the gun that will be against your leg if you put it in a holster. You don't want soemthing poking you in the thigh while you walk do you? :)

I screwed a selective firing switch to the pistol grip. I made it out of a scrap of plastic lying around.